Monday, December 19, 2011

Creflo Dollar Orders Eddie Long Members To Get Out!

Special thanks to my friend J. Brock from The Old Black Church for researching and posting what everybody has been talking about over the past couple of days, Bishop Creflo Dollar telling Eddie Long folks to get out?

Read the post, view the video then let your voice be heard. Leave a comment below, then, jump over to The Old Black Church and join the community to discuss your thoughts further on this matter.

“Once upon a time the doors of the church was open to everybody. Not any more according to DR. Creflo Dollar a pastor in Atlanta Georgia. Who on Sunday order members of New Birth Baptist church to get out and go home to Bishop Long cause he don’t won’t them there. He also suggest that they over look the wreck that Bishop Long have made of the church. Now I cant believe how cocky and arrogant Dr. Dollar seems to be regarding this. The comment below was one found at FBC Jax Watchdog.

Great message by Pastor Dollar and he is a wonderful example of a true friend. He did not excuse Pastor Long’s behavior, he just spoke about how we are too forgive and restore. Isn’t that in the Bible? Do YOU believe in Grace?”

Read more and watch video here