Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Controversy Over Jay-Z's 'Glory'; Black Fathers Will Stick Around?

Controversy about Jay-Z’s “Glory”; black fathers will stick around after hearing the famous rap mogul dedicate his love to daughter claims a columnist.

Joanna Molloy wrote a piece in The New York Daily News, suggesting how Jay-Z’s lyrics may inspire a new generation of African-American Fathers to “stick around.” While this generalization is coming under scrutiny by those who have “stuck around,” is the columnist wrong?

According to the Daily Mail, Ms. Malloy stated that “Jay-Z’s joy could encourage a whole generation.” Encouraging a whole generation is a “good” thing – not offensive.

This is true, but was the generalization of black fathers offensive? Centers of Disease Control and Prevention, 72 percent of black babies were born to unwed mothers in 2010.

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