Saturday, October 6, 2012

Voter Registration Day at G'Life

G'Lifers Ebony Jackson, Marcisha Bradley, First Lady Lisa Jones Johnson
On Saturday October 7, Gifts of Life Ministries hosted a voter registration day at the church and reminded people about the upcoming election and the Voter ID law that will take effect this November. Between the hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, music and fun, the church informed people on the importance of voting and help people understand the voter ID laws. In addition, Pastor Johnson offered a critique of the upcoming presidential election and the importance of down ballot voting--voting for the races that are down on the ballot.

Voter Registration Day was part of an ongoing project the church sponsored by the Survivor Power Hour (Sunday School) and Social Justice Ministry and the Class of G'Life.

G'Lifers getting the attention of motorists for voter registration day
Ivory Bryant engages with a resident about voting

G'Lifers Keanna Thomas and Rev. Alma Brown