Sunday, June 1, 2014


Inner contentment or peace cannot be purchased; however, you can learn how to find a way to live harmoniously with one another by working to resolve conflicts that you may have with others.  In Matthews 18: 15-17, it tells believers how to resolve disputes that will arise but what happens when you cannot find resolutions? Traditionally, we resolve conflicts by ignoring one another, becoming disengaged with one another, and becoming spiteful and/or even stop speaking or being in fellowship with each other.  This is not healthy or in God's will for us.  So, if you are looking for answers, peace, and/or ways to prevent conflict, your answers are here.  No need to look any further because 4 PEACEFUL RESOLUTIONS, LLC can help find the peace you are looking for if you are ready to find it. Contact Lisa Jones Johnson at (901) 878-9508, if you have any questions. 

4 PEACEFUL RESOLUTIONS, LLC is a mediation firm that works with individuals and/or groups that are in conflicts involving: All couples, landlord/tenants, child visitation, divorce, church issues, family issues, elderly care disputes between parent(s) and child(ren), child w/domestic violence issues, contracts, property dispute, etc.