Saturday, February 7, 2015

#GlifeTEL: Film Viewing and Discussion: Slavery By Another Name

As part of the Teach Eat and Learn Symposium (#GlifeTEL), join Gifts of Life Ministries as they celebrate Black History Month and the #BlackLivesMatter campaign, by holding a viewing and discussion of "Slavery by Another Name" Wednesday Night, February 11 at 6:30pm. Lisa Jones Johnson, owner of 4 Peaceful Resolutions, will facilitate the discussion following the viewing of the film.

According to the production material, the "film challenges one of our country’s most cherished assumptions: the belief that slavery ended with Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation of 1863. The documentary recounts how in the years following the Civil War, insidious new forms of forced labor emerged in the American South, keeping hundreds of thousands of African Americans in bondage, trapping them in a brutal system that would persist until the onset of World War II.

Based on Douglas Blackmon’s research, Slavery by Another Name spans eight decades, from 1865 to 1945, revealing the interlocking forces in both the South and the North that enabled this “neoslavery” to begin and persist. Using archival photographs and dramatic re-enactments filmed on location in Alabama and Georgia, it tells the forgotten stories of both victims and perpetrators of neoslavery and includes interviews with their descendants living today."

We serve dinner at 5:30pm and the event is free. For more information call the church at 901-236-7095. 

3381 Raleigh-Millington Rd.
Memphis, TN. 38128
(901) 236-7095