Monday, April 20, 2015



Memphis Theological Seminary designed the Netters Certificate in Ministry for persons already active in ministry who are looking for ways to deepen and/or refresh their practice of ministry. Through six courses, participants in this program will develop knowledge and skills in biblical interpretation, relationships between churches, the development of biblical theology, preaching, theology and practice of varieties of ministry, and the building of ministry. To accommodate students, we offer classes on the weekends (Friday Nights and Saturday Mornings) and set the price for each class at only $185. Upon completion of the course, students will graduate with the Netters Certificate in Ministry from Memphis Theological Seminary.
We envision ministers, lay leaders, and potential lay leaders to enroll in these courses. We also see this program as continuing education for seasoned pastors—helping them stay sharp on continuing trends in pastoral ministry. Some may even use this certificate program as a foundational training course for church leaders or part of ordination requirements. Nevertheless, however one decides to use the program, the classes should help students understand more about the ministry they already do and help them discern God’s hand in their ministries.
             Below is the schedule for the upcoming classes for Summer 2015. New classes start June 5, 2015 and you can now enroll over the phone by calling 901-458-8232 or 901-334-5817!  This is the first of several new and exciting programs that the Netters Professorship will offer. We pray that you will take advantage of this educational opportunity.

Netters Classes for the Summer 2015 Term

Biblical Theology-Dr. William Rosser-(June 5-July 10, 2015)
What are the foundations of the Christian faith and how are they rooted in the Bible?  How do we build upon those foundations through our own faith reflections and sharing with others in pastoral contexts?  In this course, we will examine central Christian faith convictions in relation to the Bible.  We will also consider different approaches to our own work of doing biblically based theological reflection.

Proclaiming the Word-Dr. Andre Johnson-(June 6-July 11, 2015)
How do we effectively proclaim the Word of God?  How do we prepare and deliver a sermon that will be transformative for our hearers?  In this course, we will explore different ways of preparation for and engaging in the practice of preaching.