Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pastors pledge support for Memphis-Shelby County Schools merger

We here at G'Life support the surrendering of the city school charter. Here is a story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal that speaks of pastors who support this position. Our pastor, Dr. Andre Johnson was a part of this group.

Twenty Memphis pastors gathered Friday at an inner-city church across the street from Booker T. Washington High School to pledge their support for the "YES for Unity" campaign.
Among a cast of influential clergy asking voters to approve the March 8 schools referendum was Stacy Spencer, young pastor of one of the region's fastest-growing churches, and James Netters, a significant figure in the history of Memphis politics and faith. They were among several who framed the push to merge Memphis schools with those in the suburbs in part as a civil rights issue.
"Don't let anybody fool you and say you don't have enough information," said Netters, pastor of Mt. Vernon Baptist Church and among the first black men elected to office in Memphis when he joined the first City Council. "These elected officials who are here today have given it to you. Use it to your wisest and best advantage."
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