Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Urban Oasis

         Imagine a place where people can find safety and security. A place where one can find water to quench one's thirst. A place where healing and deliverance can take place. A place where the hungry can come and find a meal. A place where education and learning take place. A place where dreams can be shared and lived out. A place where gifts and abilities can be practiced and demonstrated. A place that is a sanctuary of shalom in the middle of a storm.
        Imagine a place where you can come and discuss the tough questions. Imagine a place where you can be whoever God has created you to be. Imagine a place where children can discover who they are and what they are called to be. Imagine a place where the elders of the congregation take time and sit down with the young people not to berate and belittle, but to encourage and inspire. Imagine a place where the sprit resides and the spirit has its way. Imagine an urban oasis. This is what we are striving to become and we would be glad if you came and shared this vision with us