Thursday, November 24, 2011

Attn. Mega Church Pastors: “The Jig is UP”

Super sized mega churches operatate across America attracting thousands of members, developing popular television ministries and economic development programs.
Pastors of Mega churches are charismatic and push dramatic, music-filled ministries that help retain members. Mega Churches, among other things, are big businesses and their pastor operates as a CEO as often as a Pastor. One of the primary jobs of a CEO is to build relationships that ensures the organization’s growth. That, perhaps, is how Eddie Long was operating when he developed a relationship with investment salesmen (non Licensed), Ephren Taylor, that caused ten members of New Birth to file suit against Bishop Long and the Church. I am sure this news story is of great interest to Mega Church Pastors and should send a strong signal that ‘THE JIG is UP!

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