Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Church & The Violence of Education

by Min. Larry T. Crudup

Welcome to the life of many students in the urban educational system. This is a system, that is the target for prison planning and growth, drug trafficking and gang violence, domestic abuse, racial profiling, rape, advancement of the military as the only means of getting out, and violence to the Imago Dei. This is a system that not only feeds violence but is the center of violence for the beloved community. And the beloved community continues to send it’s children into a system that is a slow, painful killer. Kirk-Duggan says that violence is, “any oppression, anything that violates and separates us from the truth and sacred within ourselves, our relationship with Spirit, and community.”i Urban education is a violence that denies the dignity of the individual. This system builds schools named Hoodlum Elementary, Left Behind Middle School, and Drop Out High School. There are no resources, there is no safety, and everyone is falling behind, both teacher and student.

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