Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Afrocentricity movement and Millennium Marches – Essay Sample

What are the goals of the Afrocentricity movement? Why do many black intellectuals oppose Afrocentricity?

The goals of the Afrocentricity movement are to discover the identity, heritage, and culture of African Americans which are free from Eurocentric bias. Many black intellectuals oppose Afrocentricity because they fear it will lead to self-segregation and hurt the progress towards successful integration of African Americans in the overall American society.

Why has the church remained so important to African Americans? How are women’s roles changing in the black church? Why has Louis Farrakhan been so controversial?

Churches have maintained their importance in the African American community by taking an active role in addressing issues of stress, anxiety, and tension facing African Americans. Women ministers are on the increase in churches serving African American communities. Three Thousand of the eight thousand ministers of the AME church consist of African American women. Louis Farrakhan has been controversial for his anti-semitic beliefs that Jews are the root cause of the problems affecting African Americans, his belief in male superiority, and his association with controversial leaders such as General Sani Abacha of Nigeria.

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