Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What Is Your Fear Holding You Back From?

If GOD doesn't give any of us a spirit of fear (and fear IS a spirit) then what spirit does fear come from? If GOD is GOOD and Fear is NOT of HIM, then what is Evil... and wouldn't fear come from the opposite of a supernatural being that is good? So today, I am speaking to you... what is your fear holding you back from? Do you fear someone of the opposite race, ethnicity or country? Why? Fear turns into selfishness. Fear keeps us from coming into our season of blessings. Fear evokes the worst out of humanity. So if GOD does not give us a spirit of fear...which evokes hate and all other forms of disobedience.. then what do you think is giving you that fear? BGI family, I am speaking hard on this today. Fear has destroyed lives... fear has destroyed communities, fear has destroyed civilizations. So what is your fear keeping you from today. The fear in you has consumed you. It has paralyzed you from moving in a direction that will bless your soul. When your soul is blessed... your life is blessed... and then everything around you will see the blessing that comes from you. Fear causes you to make selfish decisions which ultimately end up backfiring on you and causing more pain. Fear blinds you and prevents you from seeing that the pain that has been caused in your life and the life of others was a result of the fear in you. The only thing you should fear is GOD and when you fear GOD..then you have come into the understanding to know that GOD is not some abstract fictional being that we hope is there once we die... you fear HIM because you know HE is REAL and has been watching your every step all along. That kind of fear is a GOOD thing... but even beyond that... you now have bold faith to walk in HIS will for your life because you now see that GOD is bigger than any problem..any circumstance. So the fear that's evoked all kinds of UNGODLY thoughts will be squashed because that kind of fear wants to keep you blind from the truth about you. The truth about you is what you've known all along but you have been to prideful to even admit to yourself. Yes You Are A Sinner and no matter how hard you work to be righteous, your works won't come close to earning the grace you desire. On any of our best days we don't cut it... so when you realize that... then you will learn that GRACE is a precious GIFT from GOD. It is by GRACE I am saved. Grace is a gift from HIM because I finally understood that no matter how much I did to show I am Christian.. I still needed HIM to save me from self.
No Hell & No Fear in 2012!!
Submitted by Rev. Alma Harris
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